Janmashtami Celebration


On the 18th August 2017, LGWCDC celebrated Janmashtami. This day is celebrated as the birth day of Lord krishna all over India. Legend goes that King Kansa who was very cruel had been predicted that he would be killed by his nephew. Knowing this he went to kill his sister Devaki. But Devaki's husband pleaded to let go Devaki and promised that they would hand over all their new born child to Knasa. Kansa put the two in jail and there was a strict vigilance. As time passed Devaki gave birth to a child and on getting the news Kansa came and killed the child. In this manner Kansa killed seven children born to Devaki. When Devaki was expecting her 8th child she dreamt that Lord Visnu was being reincarnated in her womb. Suprisingly on the night the child was born all the guards fell asleep and they got a message that the child be taken to Gokul were Nanda's wife Yashioda had given birth to a girl. They were informed to exchange the babies. Devaki's husband did as told. Next morning when Kansa heard about the birth of a child he went to kill it. But surprisingly the little baby slipped out of the hands of Kansa and turned into Goddess Durga who informed Kansa that the boy who would kill him was growing up in Gokul. Kansa made lot of attempts to kill Krishna but he failed and eventually Krishna killed Kansa.

This story was enacted by the Children through a dance performance.

The SHG Members sang a song .

The children also perfomed a dance depicting a young krishna with his lady love Radha and her freinds.

A video on the birth of Krishna was also shown to the children.

Apart from the children, SHG members ,Staff  and Board members attended the program.